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Women’s Ministry News: December 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Here is a special way to celebrate Christmas and maybe start a new tradition for your family!

A Birthday Cake for Jesus:

  • This three layered round cake is round like the world in which Jesus was born into.
  • Bottom layer is brown chocolate which represents our sin which is dirty & ugly.
  • Middle layer has red food coloring on 1/2 of a white cake mix.-Red represents His blood which He shed for us.
  • Top layer has green food coloring on 1/2 of a white cake mix.-Green Represents how we should grow more like Him.
  • White frosting represents the purity of Jesus’ sinless life.
  • Yellow star in the middle of the cake represents the star which shown and provided direction for the wise men.
  • One candle in the middle of the star represents Jesus’ being the light of the world.
  • Each child takes a candle and lights it from the one on the cake and puts it in the cake. This represents us letting Jesus’ light shine through us.

Sing Happy Birthday Jesus and blow out the candles.

Merry Christmas from the Women’s Ministry at CBC