Adult Ministries – Upcoming Events

6:30 PM

8:00 PM

Wednesday’s @CBC

Women’s Community Group Night

Thru Nov 9th

6:30 PM

8:00 PM

Monday’s @CBC

Young Adults Gatherings

Upcoming dates: 10/17 & 11/14

6:30 PM

8:00 PM

Sunday’s @CBC

Adults Group Link

(Married’s, Men’s, Singles 30+) – Thru 10/2

Sunday @CBC

Seniors Adults Branson Trip

Thru 10/17

Monday @CBC

Women’s Social


Seniors Adults Prime Time Luncheon

Thru 10/17

6:30 PM

8:00 PM


REBEL Weekend

(Men’s Conference) – Thru 10/22


Adult Team


John Briley

Director of Go Groups

Marquise Cox

Young Adults Pastor

Madison Draheim

Women’s Events Coordinator

Deneen Goeke

Women’s Pastor

Janae Hanson

Women’s Administrative Assistant

Courtney Hinojos

Women’s Community Group Coordinator

Jan Huffaker

Adults Executive Assistant

Hutchison Kufahl

Adult Discipleship Pastor

Sarah Loeffler

Adult Groups and Young Adults
Administrative Assistant

Sean Metcalf

Senior Adults Pastor

Jared Roan

Adults Ministry Associate

Elva Ruiz

Men’s and Senior Adults
Administrative Assistant

Brandon Sanchez

Adult Groups Pastor