CBC Response Team

The CBC Response Team is a group of people mobilized to provide relief to crisis and disaster situations in our city and around the country. We help step-up, clean-up, re-build, and share the Love of Jesus with those who have experienced environmental catastrophes by Delivering Real Hope. .


Ready to be part of the CBC Response Team?

  • Step 1: Text “RESPONSE” to 210-934-9689
    Our main form of communication will be through text!
  • Step 2: Fill out the Form sent to your phone
    It’s important to fill out this info now so we have everything on file when
    we need to quick mobilize.
    You will be asked for your personal information, to submit background check
    permission, and waiver release of liability
  • Step 3: Be on the lookout for upcoming meetings and CBC Response Team mobilization
    opportunities via text.
  • Questions? Email responseteam@cbc.email