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Welcome to Community Bible Church! Whether you’re brand new and want to explore what we’re about, or you’ve been around a while and want to learn more, we’re glad you’re here!

At CBC, we are passionate about the mission and vision the Lord has given us. This vision was given to our Pastor Emeritus, Robert Emmitt, when he and his family were missionaries in Costa Rica. Since we opened our doors in 1990, our purpose has been to “reach, teach and help people in Jesus’ name.” We stand by it because of the vision Jesus gave us in the Great Commission: – “Go into all the world making disciples and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” – and in the Greatest Commandment –“ Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength and your neighbor as yourself.”  

In our house, we initiate and celebrate life change in Jesus’ name. We do this by:

Reaching — investing in people and inviting others to join our family
Teaching — participating in small groups and maturing in our faith
Helping — ministering to others by serving within our walls
Going — joining in the Great Commission by taking the gospel to the world through local, national and international missions

By providing opportunities for members to mature, minister, and go on mission, we help the Church live with eternal purpose. Join us in taking the gospel to the whole world!

To read about Lead Pastor Dr. Ed Newton, the Leadership and the Pastors of CBC click here.

To learn more about what we believe in our Doctrinal Statement click here.

The Beginnings of CBC


Pastor Emeritus, Robert Emmitt



The story of Community Bible Church and our mission to reach, teach and help people in Jesus’ name is very much a reflection of Pastor Emeritus Robert Emmitt’s story. A Texas native, Robert grew up with Christian parents who took his siblings and him to Sunday school and church every week. But it wasn’t until he was 11 and had shoplifted some candy that he recognized the sin in his life and his need for a savior. He then began his relationship with Jesus and became aware of the Holy Spirit’s work in his life. At age 19 as a student at Texas A&M, Robert began volunteering in missions and youth ministry. By his junior year God had opened the door for him to preach at a small church in Lyons, Texas. Robert had the opportunity to pastor several other small churches while he completed his seminary studies; then God led him and his wife Julie to start Thousand Oaks Baptist Church in San Antonio.

Missions remained a passion of Robert’s, and after five years at Thousand Oaks, his family left to serve in Costa Rica. During their eight months there, the Lord gave Robert the vision for a new, interdenominational church where people from all backgrounds and experiences would be welcome. Shortly after the Emmitts returned to Texas, Community Bible Church was born!

In the course of his life, Robert has endured some tough times that have affected his ministry. He experienced great loss and deep grief when his older brother passed away as a young adult and when he and Julie suffered several miscarriages. He also has struggled with depression — very grateful for God’s healing via modern medicine. Through these difficulties, God has given Robert a heart for the hurting. It is that heart, along with a commitment to Christ and a love for God’s Word that make both Robert and the foundation of CBC all about reaching, teaching and helping people in Jesus’ name.

Words Aren’t Enough

Junior and Sandi Rodriguez
We have been attending CBC since 2005, and our lives are forever changed because of this. Prior to finding CBC, we were an unmarried couple living together and raising our son. In 2004, we “separated” and started living separate lives. As a single mother, I was devastated. After a few...

An Integral Part

Steve Lyons
My wife Summer and I started attending CBC shortly after moving to San Antonio in late 2006. Since then God has done amazing things in our lives with the help of CBC. First off, we met many of our closest family friends in a young married Bible study, led by a residential builder named...

Give it a try!

Amanda Russell
I am so proud to be a member of the CBC community. My family has been worshiping at CBC for over 10 years now. We have been through ups and downs like everyone else but the one constant has been the friends we have made at CBC. Three years ago my father fell gravely ill, he was in...

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