College+ is a community of 18- to 25-year-olds who are figuring out life together as we follow Jesus. Many people’s college experience and entrance into the marketplace shape who they become in life. We believe that Jesus shows us how to be human, so we are on a journey together of becoming the people whom God made us to be.

Common Ground (CG)
Thursday | 7:00pm - 8:30pm | CBC Central
Common Ground (CG) is our gathering that occurs on Thursday evenings at CBC. This event is a place to connect with our entire College+ community through worship, teaching, and conversation. As a general rule, we follow UTSA’s class schedule (when classes are in session, we meet for CG).
Spring Launch: *We are kicking off our Spring 2023 launch of Common Ground on February 2, to encourage the College+ community to join our entire CBC family for our annual January Prayer Gatherings.
Community Groups
In Acts 2 we see the church meeting together by the thousands, but following Jesus' teaching and example of community by living life together by the dozens. To do this, they gathered throughout the week in houses. Our primary vehicle for community in College+ is Community Groups where people grow closer to Jesus, are known by others, and make an impact in their sphere of influence.
Go Groups
We see the early church devoting themselves to the Apostles' teaching and encouraging one another to stand strong in their faith. Our primary vehicle for transformation and accountability is Go Groups where smaller groups gather around the Scriptures, hear what God is saying, and encourage each other to walk in obedience.
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