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Foster Care Focus

Through either prevention, provision or protection, we can all play a role in breaking the foster care crisis cycle. Not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but we are all called to fulfill the biblical commission to care for children and families impacted by the foster care system. Learn more about the crisis and what role YOU can step into to prevent family breakdown, provide needed support, or protect hurting children and families.

The Crisis

There are over 3,500 children in the foster care system in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

And, we have more abused and neglected children than we have families willing to serve them. Due to a lack of safe and supported homes, our youngest victims of abuse and neglect are swept into the foster system. With no vote, no voice, no money and no safe relationships, they grow into adults that will often repeat the cycle, fill homeless shelters, prisons and fuel the sex traffic industry. Our goal as a church is to help solve this problem by addressing the problem at it’s roots. 

What happens when we don’t step into a role… 

  • 76% of the sex traffic victims spent time in foster care
  • 40% of the homeless population spent time in foster care
  • 40% of the prison population spent time in foster care


Less than 3% of churches have intentional support for foster/adopt families

57,000 grandparents are raising grandkids 

50% of foster families quit within the first year due to lack of support from their community

Below are just a few resources to help PREVENT family breakdown…

If you are a current foster or adoptive family, or seeking to foster or adopt we want to come alongside you!

Join us for a Group Gathering

If you are a current foster or adoptive parent, register your kids for our next PDO and enjoy a much-needed half-day to yourself! 2023 PDO dates: February 11, April 22, June 10, August 12, October 7, December 2. (Foster and Adoptive families ONLY) @cbcfosteradopt on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on PDO and all foster-adopt family events!

If you are a grandparent raising grandkids or kinship family, we want to support and provide you with resources!

Grandparents / Kinship Connection Form


Below are ways you can help PROVIDE care and support to children in foster care, families and case workers…

Become an advocate for a child(ren) in the foster care system. You may be the only constant, supportive, loving adult in the lives of children and youth during their journey in the foster care system.

CASA Advocate Info Sessions

Show some love to the over 900 case workers in the foster care system! Provide basic necessities, snacks and comfort items to help caseworkers comfort children during an often scary time. Most of the time, these necessities are provided out-of-pocket by the child’s case worker.

Build a Case Worker Kit

Interested in learning more about what it means to be a foster parent/family? Learn about the system, processes, agencies, resources and support available. Veteran foster parents will help answer all of your questions.

Register for Foster Info Meeting


Below are ways you can PROTECT children and serve foster families in our community… 

If you love kids and love spending time with them become trauma informed! This training will help you understand the why behind challenging behaviors and give you strategies to disarm the fear-based actions. Learn how to utilize practical tools to be part of a child’s healing community. . And, it’s completely free! Day and Evening options available.

Register for Trauma-Training

Serve as a volunteer with our CBC Early Childhood team for the next Parent’s Day Out event for foster and adoptive families. Background Check required.

Volunteer with PDO

Tangible goods provide an open door to bring healthy community to struggling famlies. Your “YES” to join the Care Portal response team can change lives, transform our community and reverse the foster crisis.

Join Care Portal

The biggest request from foster families is respite-care and babysitting. The Alliance’s online Babysitting Collaborative puts the complicated state requirements into an online, asynchronous learning platform. Complete the training in a matter of days and give foster families the support they need.

Become a Verified Babysitter

Contact Us

There are many other opportunities to serve foster families in our community. If you’d like to learn more or speak to our CBC Foster Adopt Community Group leaders, please reach out to us. We’d love to meet you!

[email protected]

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