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An Integral Part

Steve Lyons

My wife Summer and I started attending CBC shortly after moving to San Antonio in late 2006. Since then God has done amazing things in our lives with the help of CBC. First off, we met many of our closest family friends in a young married Bible study, led by a residential builder named Chris Emmitt. There we met the Bingams, Grahams, Emmitts, Grahams, Freys and Sims.

Beyond that class, Chris somehow convinced some of us guys that we’d benefit from starting a guys Bible study. We actually shared our thoughts and feelings and stuff and while initially very uncomfortable I can truly say leading and participating in those studies grew my faith and gave me confidence in that faith to others.

Along the way we have welcome two wonderful children into the world, Chase and Caroline. In addition we have developed close relationships with the Schuetzes, Badgers, Johnsonss and many other families. Our CBC family has truly helped us raise our children with a Christian foundation.

Then, one day while dealing with a son upset about Sunday School, Summer was moved by Chris’ need for adults to support High School Impact and we did that for a few years. I can’t tell you how much that impacted my life. As a kid I didn’t grow up in a strong Christian household and it wasn’t cool to be involved in church. That program and those kids showed me that there is hope for my kids when they hit that age. My kids have participated in Vacation Bible School, but I can’t wait to see them in Impact one day.

Finally, I don’t know what God has in store for me and my family in the future, but I know that CBC is an integral part of it. I am so proud to call CBC my church! I can’t wait to attend the 50 year celebration!

God Bless