CBC Response Team
The CBC Response Team is a group of mobilized people who share the Love of Jesus with survivors of environmental catastrophes by serving their most immediate physical needs. CBC RT members are trained, resourced, and ready to respond to crisis and emergency events that happen in our city and around the country.
Love San Antonio is a week-long series of moments that connect us to opportunities to be good news to our city. Once a year we come together as one big CBC family to love our city.
Mission Trips
This is your year to go! We believe every believer is a missionary with a Divine capacity to advance God’s Kingdom in San Antonio and the Nations.
The Good News Box
The Good News Box is curated to help you and your family be good news to people around you, in the places God has you. Whether God is leading you to bless your neighbor, co-worker, classmate, barista, or even a stranger, your Box comes filled with items such as cookie batter, a homeless kit, gift cards and more, to help you be good news in creative ways.
CBC Foster Adopt Community
CBC champions our local Foster Adopt Community Group to provide resources and support to families currently in capacity, as well as those looking to step into fostering or adoption.
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Lloyd Blank
Director of CBC Global
Brittany Smith
Director of Operations
April Tudlong
Mobilization Coordinator
John Dominguez
Community Engagement Director
Jessica Babcock
Global Administrator
Keith Richie
Global Ministry Associate
Phil Hotaling
Response Team Coordinator
Michael Van Winkle
Operations Coordinator
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