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Contact our Women’s Ministry at
210.477.1764 |

Women at the Feet of Jesus: 10am| Portable 7A
Cecily Cassidy at

Sunday Afternoon Ladies Study: 4:00pm | CBC C137
Suzanne Flores at

CBC Women’s Ministry Gathering (formally known as Pursuit): 6:30pm | CBC Central
Next Gathering February 26—This is a unique event for Woman’s Ministry. It’s fun and a great place to to connect with others!

Stephanie Blakeslee at
2018 Gathering Dates: February 26, April 23, May 28, June 25, August 27, September 24, October 22 and November 26

Monday Night Study 6:30pm | 78260
Uli Smith @

Women Called 6:30pm| 78216 Area
Jennifer Logan at

The Cancer Connection: 6:30pm | P6A
1st Mondays
Audrey Alamo at

Monday Night Ladies Fellowship 7:30pm | 78666
Jasmine Warner at

Tuesday Morning Ladies Study 9:30am | C139
Stephanie Romero at

MOMs Ministry of Moms 9:30am | C136
Jessica Jordan @

Women of Truth 10:00am | E221A
Peggy Lewis at

Tuesday with Friends (Ladies 50+) 10:00am | E208A
Mary Jarvis @

Truth Seekers Women’s Group: 11:30am | CBC C137
Susan Speer at

CBC Women’s Ministry Gathering 9:30am | CBC Central
Next Gathering February 14
Stephanie Blakeslee at
2018 Gathering Dates: February 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, August 8, September 12, October 10 and November 14

Girl Talk 9:00am | P7A
Samantha Davis at

Small Group 2017—Reynolds 9:30am | 78254 Area
Kathryn Reynolds at

Just Among Moms (JAM): 10:00am | P9A
Jessica Jordan at

Small Group 2017—Hamlett: 10:30am | P8A
Leslie Hamlett at

Small Group—Schmitt: 11:30am | various locations off campus
Dana Schmitt at

Women Changed by Jesus 6:00pm | P8A
Marie Arce @

Embrace Grace 6:30 pm | 78258 Area
Ellen Barker at

Community of Heart at CBC: 10:15am | CBC C135
Pam Barron at

Community of Heart: 6:00pm | 78130 Area
Pam Barron at

Women’s Book Club: 6:30pm | CBC S. Coffee Bar
1st Thursdays
Kimberly Metcalf at

JOY (Jesus,Others,Yourself) | 78247 Area
Karen English at

Estudio de Hechos/Miércoles 9:45AM | CBC C136
Comenzando el 7 de Febrero
Mayra Loudner at

A Travez de la Biblia 6:30pm | 78230 Area
Comenzando el 25 de Enero
Carla Veliz @