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CBC in Mexico

CBC takes Christ’s call to love our neighbors seriously, not only in our neighborhood, but in our city, nation and internationally! Mexico rests deep in our hearts as our neighbor to the south and a nation that God deeply loves. It is CBC’s desire to strategically place ourselves in Chiapas, the poorest state of Mexico, in partnership with Harvest Evangelistic Association (HEA) and Compassion International.

HEA was founded by CBC’s very first missionaries, Greg & Michelle McClanahan. For 26 years, HEA has served the mountain communities in Chiapas through Leadership Conferences, Christmas Backpack ministry, VBS, Church planting, film evangelism and so much more! CBC partners with HEA in 2 strategic ways:

Mobilizing Teams:
Each year, CBC sends a short-term mission team to Chiapas to serve with HEA in preparing for “Kingdom Kids Christmas” backpack outreach where 20,000 backpacks are filled with school supplies, toys, cookies, & candy to give to the children in hundreds of communities throughout the Chiapas Highlands. Through these backpacks, the gospel is boldly preached in over 400 remote mountain villages by the national pastors. Click here to learn more about this mission trip and more.

Sponsoring Pastors in Training:
The School of Frontline Missions is just another way HEA is making bold moves to spread the Gospel in Chiapas. Each year selected young adults are sent by pastors to be trained for ministry at HEA’s World Missions Operations Center, which is based in the city of San Cristobol de las Casas. The students enter the school in October and they graduate at the end of May. After the students graduate they return to their own churches as full-time church planting missionaries where they will work under their own leaders. They train, disciple & inspire others in their churches to work with them in evangelism & church planting. Last year alone the past student graduates of HEA’s School of Missions shared the gospel with 49,179 People… 3,187 surrendered their lives to Jesus!!

The students do not pay anything to be in the school. Most of them come from very poor areas where the churches offerings can barely take care of the pastors family’s needs. The students pastors provide their clothing & personal needs (soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc) by taking up a special monthly missions offering within their congregations. This also strengthens the relationship between the student and their local church.

CBC Members have the opportunity to assist in the effort of supporting these students through monthly sponsorship, prayer, and letter writing. Donations by CBC members covers their sponsored students school costs, books, food, housing, weekly ministry trips, medical needs and more! Learn how you can sponsor one of these students by emailing

Through child sponsorship, Compassion International helps to release entire families from poverty in Jesus’ name through the local church. Children in the Compassion program have the opportunity to attend or stay in school, have access to medical care (which often saves lives), receive nourishing food, mentoring, a safe environment through a local evangelical church, and most important, opportunities to hear the gospel.

When you sponsor a child, you’ll be personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care. Compassion child sponsorship works! Millions of children have “graduated” from the program and are now responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

CBC desires to see every impoverished child sponsored through the Compassion program in an effort to end poverty in Chiapas, a state in great need! Once more, when you sponsor a Compassion child in Chiapas, you will have the unique opportunity to visit that child and his or her family when you attend the CBC Mexico mission trip.

Make an eternal difference in the life of a child and his or her family today! If you are ready to sponsor a child, click here to see children who urgently need a sponsor.

Partner with us in Mexico today!