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Short Term Mission Trips

CBC believes every Christ-follower is a missionary with a Divine capacity to advance God’s global Kingdom. Let us help you connect with the people and places you are being led to step into your missional journey. Whether it is to pray, give or go, you will find unique opportunities to engage in Kingdom advancement through short-term mission trips. On these trips, we will serve alongside long-term workers who are making disciples and planting churches in their communities. If you have never been on a mission trip before, 2020 is the year for you to go! Check out our list below of upcoming opportunities.

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Fixed on the eastern shoreline of Africa, the nation of Kenya is where 52,470,000 people raise their families and build their homes, but retain prominent physical and spiritual need. Our teams going to Kenya join as laborers of reconciliation with Kenyan churches seeking to bring the hope of the gospel to every tribe.
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North Africa


This team will visit one of the closed countries among those that call North Africa home. Followers of Jesus living in this nation suffer a significant state of societal persecution. Restrictions and penalties for shaking the country’s predominantly Muslim faith are written into the law, putting native Christians who share their faith, at risk of arrest and criminal prosecution. Specific to this area, believers that have converted from Islam have been detained and questioned for contact with foreign Christians, and many have been abused by members of their families. Teams that go to this country join the underground Church as a family united in the hope of Jesus and the call to make that hope known.
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The country of India is ripe with anticipation to see the hope of the gospel transform its every corner. One of the most unreached nations in our world, a caste system confines and restrains any hope of redemption. Teams that go join as bearers of the light in a country oppressed by so much darkness.
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Bordered by some of the most spiritually oppressing countries in the world, Nepal suffers a spiritual famine as one of the hardest to reach and most untouched nations. Teams will suit up to close the gap between generations of Nepalese people living in some of the most geographically and spiritually disconnected villages in the world.
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Moldova may be the poorest country in Europe, but it is filled with opportunity and wonder. Our church planting partners are spreading hope in the face of persecution from the state-run, Orthodox church. Our teams going to Moldova serve alongside these partners to advance the gospel.
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With the rising of secularism and spiritual doubt, the gospel remains critical to the people of Spain to bring light into apathetic darkness. Teams going to Spain serve a people slowly disconnecting from the idea of objective truth and seeking a spiritual richness they are desperately hoping exists.
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica 

The country of Costa Rica holds hope for many seeking refuge, but continue to struggle in physical and spiritual poverty. Teams work with CBC’s church planting partner who is working to bring hope to those that live in poverty within these vibrant forests.
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Guatemala has become a safe haven for many surrounding countries experiencing political turmoil. Although many there would claim to follow Jesus, only 1/4 of Guatemalan believe He is the only way to heaven. Many hear of the redemptive purpose of Jesus and they see Him as merely a divine superpower to use. Teams work with a ministry partner dedicated to transforming central Guatemala so that all would come to know Jesus as a supreme savior to know and make known.
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Years of political conflicts, rampant corruption, violence, and marginalization of Amerindian peoples continue to hold Mexico in bondage. Many in the country practice cultural catholicism, blending Christianity and pagan beliefs, spurring a great need to replace cultural faith with a vibrant and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This team will travel to South Mexico to celebrate future church planters who are being trained to pierce the darkness in their home country and beyond with the everlasting light of the Gospel.
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Central Florida

CENTRAL FLORIDA (College Students Only)

With one of the most diverse pockets of people in the country, Central Florida is home to many seeking new opportunities for their dreams and their families. Despite the richness of culture that comes from a growing Hispanic population and the largest college campus in Florida, many of the 8 million in the region lack any religious faith. Our team going to Central Florida joins in bringing the message of Jesus to people that come from all tribes and tongues.
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Brazil encompasses a people learning what hope is in the midst of darkness. Our church planting partners in country are working diligently to make Jesus known and disciple indigenous believers in every neighborhood and family. Our teams will link arms with them as workers sowing and reaping an abundant harvest.
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Peru is a country of abundant natural resources and rich culture. Despite this, over half of the population live in poverty that has multiplied need for hope. Teams going to Peru pursue restoration for multiplying generation of orphaned children and the hope of Jesus to those who have nothing.
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