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East Asia

There is a crisis of purpose and preparedness on East Asian college campuses. Students lack the leadership and relationship skills they need to excel post-graduation. They struggle to understand what purpose and priorities they want to have in life. Lastly, they long for friendship and fellowship.

Partner with a non-profit ministry focused on building effective servant leaders where there are very little. As a mission trip team member, you will help students explore these weighty subjects and share your life experience through facilitating small group discussions and leading team building activities.

All ages are welcome on this trip! As a young adult, the university students will find they can relate to you and see themselves in you. On the flip-side, a mature adult will find their knowledge and wisdom extremely respected and emulated by the university students. They WANT to learn and will soak up the experiential knowledge we share with them!

While this trip is supported by CBC, you will apply and train through the partner ministry. For more information on this process, contact the team leader, David Niebel at