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Manti, Utah is smack-dab in the middle of Mormon Country. Less than 1 percent of the population is Christian. As a team, we will be attending a public event which draws anywhere from 3,000-23,000 Mormons every night. We will be partnering with literally hundreds of other Christians from other parts of the country in street evangelism at this event. We will be supporting the efforts of a local Church body named, “Ephraim Church of the Bible.” Although there are often side projects, our primary focus will be ministering at this large event. We will be passing out tracts and talking to interested Mormons about the truth of the gospel and how to obtain forgiveness of sins.

Before we leave for Utah (and even during the trip), team members will be trained for seven weeks on how to lovingly challenge Mormons to consider the unique claims of the Biblical gospel.

While this trip is supported by CBC, you will apply and train through Evidence Ministries. For more information on this process, contact the team leaders, Keith & Becky Walker at (210) 340-TRUE (8783) or