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CORE Classes

What is CORE?

CORE is a training center made up of 10 classes, which are available for anyone at CBC. These classes are designed for believers to grow and develop as Christ-followers in three foundational areas:

UP: Biblical Foundation

IN: Spiritual Formation

OUT: Mission and Ministry

Whether you are new to CBC or you have been around for decades, CORE is the place to start growing, developing, and connecting.

Biblical Foundation

Grow: Why do we believe what we believe? This 4-week class covers the core beliefs of our faith while also serving as a launching pad for new members to get connected and new believers to mature in their faith. A new 4-week class begins the first Sunday of each month. Led by CBC pastors.
Begins in January 2020

Overview of the Bible: Come take a journey with us through the entire narrative of Scripture. This 10-week class will not only give you overall themes and main characters of the Bible, but also answer questions like “Why do I exist?” “What happens after I die?” We will also deal with subjects such as the attributes of God, social justice, and the end times. Led by Pastor Hutch Kufahl.
Begins in January 2020   Register here.

How to Study the Bible: Every Christian has the capacity to hear personally from the God of the Bible; but where do you begin, and how do you start? This 8-week class will teach you the principles of a personal Bible study.
Begins in January 2020

Spiritual Formation

Financial Peace University: God calls us to be good stewards of our finances. This 9-week class is taught and facilitated by Dave Ramsey certified trainers. You will learn how to pay off debt, save for your future, give generously, and much more.
Begins in January 2020

Parenting Generation Z: Generation Z (those born after 9/11) is unlike any previous generation. They process differently, face unique challenges, and have unlimited potential. But just because they are different doesn’t mean they are wrong. This 10-week class looks at what motivates Gen Z and how parents and leaders can resource themselves to maximize their influence with our most valuable resource. Led by Pastor Matt Mason.
Begins Wednesday, September 11 @ 6:45pm in room C 139/141 Register here.

Marriage Enrichment: Re|engage (a marriage enrichment program) is a safe place for all married couples to grow in their relationship. Come join other couples in this group experience and explore the difference Jesus makes in a marriage when we surrender our married lives to Him, learning to practically love each other His way. Hear authentic testimonies, sound Biblical teaching and be encouraged through the ups and downs of your journey of marriage. Led by Pastor Jeanie Postell.
Begins Tuesday, September 10 @ 6:30pm in room E209   Register here.

Mission & Ministry

Younique: God has created you uniquely and designed you for a specific purpose. This 6-week class will unveil your personal life calling, not only so you can know it and name it, but to also use it for God’s glory. Led by Pastor Scott Kindig.
Begins Wednesday, October 23 @ 6:45pm in room C 136   Register here.

Practicing the Way of Jesus: How do we actually make disciples and live on mission the way that Jesus did?  This 12-week course reframes our understanding of missional living through the lens of Christianity as a movement while giving practical tools to live as a missionary in our spheres of influence. Led by Pastor Brad Hobbs.
Begins in January 2020

Family on Mission: Each day our lives are distorted by a thousand different tugs. Family-time, work, life, friends, the list continues. What if God designed a healthier way to live? Family on mission is an 6-week course built to help you find and flourish in the rhythm, community, and purpose God created for you. Led by Pastor Brad Hobbs.
Begins in January 2020

Leader Track

If you want to lead at CBC, this is the place to start! This 6-week Leader Track is designed to develop leaders at CBC. We want to empower our people to maximize their kingdom impact through intentional training and deployment. The Leader Track will align vision, strategy, recruitment, and discipleship. Led by Pastors Matt Mason & Hutch Kufahl.
Begins Sunday, October 20 @ 10:00am in room C 139   Register here.