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Reach | Teach | Love International

Trip Dates : September 6-8
The mission of Reach | Teach | Love International is to:

EDUCATE the mission team on the history and religion of Islam and the beliefs of different types of Muslims and how to evangelize them in a theologically and culturally sensitive way.

To ACTIVATE the mission team to go out and minister God’s love to Muslims in their city.

To TRANSFORM the hearts and minds of those the Holy Spirit is drawing unto a relationship with Jesus Christ as well as deepening that relationship with the team members.

During this 2.5 day trip, Friday 12 noon – Sunday 7:30pm (days only) the team will experience the food, language, lifestyle, and practices of the Islamic faith and Muslim culture through various restaurants, specialty markets, visitor centers, family visits, kids outreach, and more. You will also receive training by experienced educators in the culture and religion of Islam. We partner with local Arabic and Persian speaking Christian translators to visit homes and show the love of Jesus to local Muslims by spending time with them, inviting them to a Sunday meal, and an Arabic Baptist Church service.