Mental Health


Grace Groups

Grace Groups offer a mental health discipleship growth experience designed to improve your life from the teenage years through adulthood. Grace Groups meet by semester on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and are always open to newcomers at any point during the open semester. 

We currently offer four types of curricula:

Living Grace – General mental health support group for the person experiencing symptoms.

Living Hope – Group focusing on those experiencing mental health symptoms because of trauma.

Family Grace – Group to empower family members and friends in supporting and understanding, while not enabling, by educating on mental health issues which may occur in the life of their loved one.

Redefine Grace – Is a Christ-centered mental health resource designed to help teens in 8th grade through high school rediscover that you’re not alone through the ups and downs of life.

Registration Links can be found below. Please click one of the event buttons below to begin your registration. 

[email protected] 210-253-5971