Merge: Premarital Preparation

Merge is a premarital discipleship ministry designed for engaged and seriously dating couples. It’s a chance to seek wisdom and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, and authentic environment.

What Makes Merge Unique?

Merge helps couples explore the true meaning of marriage in a safe and informative environment. 

Merge addresses common questions and challenges from a biblical perspective. 

Often for the first time, couples get to see the practicalities of merging together two very different lives. 

Merge is “Twogether in Texas’ certified. Couples who complete Merge receive a premarital course certificate that, when presented to the court clerk, saves $60 off their marriage license and waives the 72-hour waiting period. 

Classes include:

  • Large group teaching time
  • Small group discussion with a trained mentor couple
  • Personalized learning opportunities

Lesson 1 – A Biblical View of Marriage 

Lesson 2 – Communication & Conflict 

Lesson 3 – Biblical Roles in Marriage 

Lesson 4 – Strengthening Your Relationship 

Lesson 5 – Finances 

Lesson 6 – Expectation & Family/In-Laws 

Lesson 7 – Sexual Intimacy  

Lesson 8 – Understanding Your Spouse  

We’re here to help.

Healthy Marriages Start Long Before the Wedding

“This class showed me the importance of loving myself, my spouse, and God all at the same time.” 

“…it was great to hear from couples who have gone through years of experience and to look at every topic from a biblical point of view.” 

“A lot of great material. Friendly, funny, and knowledgeable couples. Learned a lot about spiritual intimacy.”

Class Options

We have two options for Merge, the 8 week or Weekend Intensive. The 8 week option is best for building community and being able to get the most out of Merge. The Weekend Intensive is for those who can't commit to the 8 week for various reasons such as living out of town or inconsistent work schedules. The Weekend Intensive includes the same information as in the 8 week condensed into a Friday night and all day Saturday and both are required.

Our 8 week class starts Tuesday, February 27th and will conclude on Tuesday, April 16th and goes from 6:30-8:30pm.

The Spring 8 Week class is currently full. 8 week classes will be offered again in the Fall of 2024. 

Weekend Intensives are offered two to three times a year, usually in February, May, and August.

To register for the May Weekend Intensive (May 17th & 18th), click here.

[email protected] 210-477-5190